Monday, January 15, 2007

Being Lazy

Yes folks I'm being lazy. I have lots of cute new pics and even a cute new video, but not really in the mood to upload everything... so you will just have to wait in anticipation.

Brodin had his first taste of food a few days ago. We gave him gerber's rice cereal. He ate about a small baby foods jar worth, pretty good for the first time. We haven't tried again since. We figure he doesn't have to be on solids until 6 months so we are just easing in. He seems to love food just like his brother!

Paul and Aushima came over for dinner a couple of days ago. We had yummy Thai food. Aushima left on Saturday for India. She will be gone 2 months and will be dearly missed!!!

Beth and I got together yesterday and we made "booby bead" type necklaces... check out what I'm referred to here:

Cute Keegan Quote of the Week: "Mommy I need a Kleenex because my nose is running away again"

We just got about 6 inches of snow here.... I just saw our neighbor outside and he snow-blowed our side walk.. Thanks Bill!! (this is our neighbors name, not referring to hubby Bill).

Bill and I are finally off together tonight. We still need to open our Christmas gifts from Aunt Ann... I'm thinking tonight may be a good night for that.

I hope everyone it doing well!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

General Update

I've been sick the past week with a bad cold... actually it was probably the flu. I felt terrible on Tuesday, then felt a little better by Friday, but yesterday I again felt terrible and finally just decided to camp out at home for the day. I'm still sick today, but I think it is going away.

Bill and I got our grades from last semester. Bill got an A in his Anatomy class. I got an A in Adv. Corporate tax and a B+ in my partnership taxation class. It is my first B, but honestly I deserved B since I didn't study as hard as I would have liked to given having a new baby, the holidays, starting back at work and what was going on with Keegan. Bill and I are both only taking one class each this semester so it should be less stressful.

Keegan is doing just awesome. Next week he gets to be the star of the week at his pre-school. I'm not sure all that entails, but I'm sure I'll hear all about it. He is super excited. Brodin is also doing well. After waking up at night the last few weeks he let us sleep last night.... what a good baby!

I hope everyone had a very happy holiday!

Christmas Videos

Here is a cute Christmas video. My camera only records in 3 minute increments... the second video is just a continuation of the first.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Keegan and Me

at Kathy's baby shower on Dec. 30...

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Keegan's upcoming surgery was canceled. Keegan is doing really well and his MRI this month looked exactly the same as the MRI taken in early December so the doctors think we can hold of on surgery as long as it remains stable and as long as Keegan looks good. We have a CT scheduled for two months from now to check the size of his ventricles.

I know the issue is still there but if we can avoid surgery it is a happy day!!! Thanks for everyone's thoughts, I'll be uploading more pics and a video or two later today.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thanks Everyone!!!

Keegan and Brodin had a very nice Christmas thanks to all our family and friends. Thanks for making this year so special!!! Here are some various pics from Christmas.
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