Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Appendix

O.k. so I had my appendix out on July 10th. I know a lot of you have heard, but thought I'd share the story so if anyone ever has these symptoms they know to go to the ER.

On Thursday July 10th I went to work as normal. Getting out of my car at around 8:15 I noticed a cramp, but being a woman didn't think much of it. At 9am I was sitting in a meeting and turned to a co-worker, Lisa, and told her I didn't feel so well. After that meeting, 9:30ish I tried to sit and work but was in a LOT of pain. I took a few midol, only thing I had, and made a bee-line for the wellness room....a room most people use to pump, but it also for times like these :)

I felt like I couldn't walk and broke out into a sweat and called Bill and told him he had to come get me. Bill didn't even question it, jumped in his car and 25 minutes later he picked me up. By this time my entire stomach hurt, like very, very bad gas pain, only worse. I asked Bill to bring me home and I went and laid down and slept until 2.

When I woke up the pain was much better, but had settled to one spot on my right side. I tried to self-diagnose myself (not a good idea by the way!) and determined I probably had a kidney stone or something. Or really bad gas and the lingering pain was just left over. I called my co-worker Lisa who was skeptical and on her urging and Bill's urging I called my doctor who was able to see me at 4:30. She listed to my symptoms and in 5 minutes flat sent me to the ER.

There they took a CT scan of my belly (after making me drink a huge barium drink that had to sit for 2 hours!). My pain was pretty minimal so I really felt like I was wasting everyone's time and told Bill I just wanted to go home. He talked me into staying and I said I would provided he brought the kids home and put them to bed (no need for everyone to be upset over this whole thing). This whole time I thought it was nothing. At 9:30 the results came back and the doctor came in and told me it was indeed appendicitis and that they had a surgeon there and they would like to operate immediately!

When I asked if I could call my husband, they said of course and then with a worried look they asked, do you want to wait for him before we operate??? I asked if they would recommend that, and they said if you won't go in without him we'll wait, but we don't recommend it. So Bill stayed home w/ the kids and I got wheeled into surgery. Luckily I only remember being wheeled out of my room and then waking up in my recovery room.... so that wasn't bad!

They let me go the next day. I have been home recovering ever since, however yesterday had a few sharp pains and called my doctor who advised me to take it easier. I'm going back to work this Monday, but for 4 more weeks am not allowed to do any type of stressful work out or lift anything over 15lbs, which is hard w/ Brodin :(

Anyway.. that is the scoop. And if you ever notice all-over tummy pain and then it gets much better w/ slight paid on your right side please go to the ER!


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